Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Born And Raised - Music By John Mayer

 John Mayer has redeemed himself with his new album.  Let’s be honest, we all know he’s talented and well – he knows he’s talented.  However, Born and Raised wipes away arrogance and shows a simple, more humble side of the star singer who's had his share of trouble and embarrassment.

With the bluegrass/country sound and strong lyrics, Mayer’s new album is number one on the iTunes album chart.  It’s no surprise why – Mayer escaped the city and the public eye to write his album so he could truly concentrate on his lyrics and compositions.  The lyrics in this album are moving and expose a vulnerable side of Mayer.

The first single on the album that I listen to was “Queen of California.” and although the liked the new sound I wasn't too impressed with the song itself. The song is very simple and over all light and airy. I wasn't expecting the rest of the album to be outstanding. But songs like "Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey" and the title track itself turned that around pretty quickly. The resemblance to Dylan was welcome (acoustic guitar and the harp, come on, can you NOT compare with Dylan?) and the fact that he still managed to sound himself was impressive.

“Shadow Days” is another great track about new beginnings. He really shows off his guitar skills in this song and the melody is full of soul. And if that doesn't impress you, "Something Like Olivia" is almost guaranteed to succeed.

Mayer went under the knife sometime during the recording of Born and Raised - granuloma - and you can definitely hear the strain in his voice. But somehow, it fits into the whole sound and feel of the album. Lucky coincidence? Fate? Who can tell?.

Born And Raised is not Mayer's best album. That crown might just always remain with Continuum. But you wouldn't be too far from the truth to tout this as the second best.

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